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Ancient Mew Master Collection

All English and Japanese Print Variations 

Ancient Mew

Ancient Mew Master Collection Card List

Japanese Cards
Name, Promotion

Japanese Ancient Mew, I (Error)

The Japanese version was included in The Power of One movie pamphlets available to purchase at participating cinemas from July 17, 1999 for as long as stocks lasted. The first Japanese prints of the card featured a speckle Holofoil treatment and misspelled Nintendo in the copyright text on the card border as "Nintedo".

Japanese Ancient Mew, I (Corrected)

A corrected print was released for a very brief time with the same Holofoil as the first print.


Japanese Ancient Mew, II

A third version was released featuring the same Cosmos Holofoil treatment as the international release. Although subtle, there are differences between the third Japanese print and the international print: the copyright information of the international print is in a different font to the Japanese print and has an additional Wizards copyright. The border pattern on the international print is more pronounced than the Japanese print and does not extend to the card edge due to the wider border.


Japanese Ancient Mew, “Mewtwo Strikes Back-Evolution” Promo 2019

A fourth Japanese print was included in Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution pamphlets available to purchase at participating cinemas from July 12, 2019 for as long as stocks lasted. This print has the speckle Holofoil treatment and a 2019 copyright.

English Cards

Name, Promotion 

English Ancient Mew, Cosmos Holofoil

This Ancient Mew looks similar to the Japanese “Ancient Mew II”, although there are subtle differences. The border is slightly wider than the Japanese version. In photographs, the holofoil is noticeably different in comparison to its Japanese counterpart. The copyrights are printed with abbreviated years, commas instead of slashes, and the font is a different style and smaller size. The additional text reads © 1999-2000 Wizards, indicating the previous manufacturer of US Pokémon card releases (until their rights to the franchise expired in July 2003, and was taken over by Pokémon USA Inc./Nintendo). Without a doubt, the ©1999-2000 Wizards is the easiest way to identify it as the English/North American version. 


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