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Asako Ito Collection

Asako Ito is an illustrator for the Pokémon Trading Card Game starting with Sun & Moon. She is unique among TCG artists as, rather than drawing or making a 3D render, she crochets amigurumi of the Pokémon.

Asako Ito Collection

Asako Ito Collection Card List

English Cards

Number Card, Name, Type Promotion 
Order by release date. As of March 29th 2021

Poliwag (Sun & Moon 30) Reverse Holo
Poliwag (Sun & Moon 30)
Goomy (Guardians Rising 94) Reverse Holo
Goomy (Guardians Rising 94) 
Marill (Burning Shadows 34) Reverse Holo
Marill (Burning Shadows 34)
Tynamo (Burning Shadows 44) Reverse Holo
Tynamo (Burning Shadows 44)
Cherubi (Ultra Prism 10) Reverse Holo
Cherubi (Ultra Prism 10) 
Drifloon (Ultra Prism 51) Reverse Holo
Drifloon (Ultra Prism 51) 
Luvdisc (Celestial Storm 44) Reverse Holo
Luvdisc (Celestial Storm 44)
Shelgon (Celestial Storm 105) Reverse Holo
Shelgon (Celestial Storm 105)
Whismur (Celestial Storm 117) Reverse Holo
Whismur (Celestial Storm 117) 
Litwick (Lost Thunder 101) Reverse Holo
Litwick (Lost Thunder 101)
Phanpy (Lost Thunder 111) Reverse Holo
Phanpy (Lost Thunder 111)
Electrode (Team Up 39) Reverse Holo
Electrode (Team Up 39)
Oddish (Unbroken Bonds 6) Reverse Holo
Oddish (Unbroken Bonds 6) 
Pyukumuku (Unbroken Bonds 53) Reverse Holo 
Pyukumuku (Unbroken Bonds 53)
Gible (Unified Minds 112) Reverse Holo
Gible (Unified Minds 112) 
Cottonee (Unified Minds 143) Reverse Holo 
Cottonee (Unified Minds 143)
Tympole (Cosmic Eclipse 58) Reverse Holo
Tympole (Cosmic Eclipse 58) 
Azurill (Cosmic Eclipse 146) Reverse Holo 
Azurill (Cosmic Eclipse 146)
Munna (Sword & Shield 87) Reverse Holo
Munna (Sword & Shield 87) 
Metapod (Rebel Clash 2) Reverse Holo
Metapod (Rebel Clash 2) 
Trapinch (Darkness Ablaze 89) Reverse Holo
Trapinch (Darkness Ablaze 89) 
Chimecho (Vivid Voltage 72) Reverse Holo 
Chimecho (Vivid Voltage 72) 


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