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The Unfortunate Truth About Domain Squatting

Updated: Apr 9

I currently own ALOT of domain names. I own a digital media company. When a business goes public I immediately look up that URL. If its available for purchase, I buy it.

Im not the only one who does this. I wont name any names but their are a few domain name squatters here on the Gulf Coast.

My intentions are to scoop up the URLs before someone else with the wrong intentions get it. Or someone guy from India. There are countless companies oversees that literally buy domain names from public notices for newly registered limited liability companies (LLCs), business license records or other registries for small businesses. When they find one that has not yet registered either its legal name or its fictitious name, sometimes referred to as doing business as (DBA) name, they buy it up. The same applies to professional domain investors who regularly scour the WHOIS database to snap up recently expired domains.

So don't get mad at me if I have your domain name. Just ask me for it.. and use this as a lesson to make sure you register the domain you want before you need it or go public. And DONT let your domain name expire.

Dunning-Kruger effect. The cognitive bias that makes less competent people overestimate their own skills while underestimating the competence of others.

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